I've long had a vision - to create a less intimidating, more organic & ethical environment where clients can spend time, and leave feeling amazing.

I have always been very mindful of the environmental impacts that the industry has. Thankfully as this organic movement has taken hold, some fantastic new brands have developed a range of amazing natural products, which I am now delighted to be able to offer to you. These include colour services using Natulique, and styling products from Maria Nila, all of which are environmentally friendly & cruelty free.
Salons inherently use a lot of water, another way to reduce my impact here is to save on towel laundry. I am proud to now use Zimples disposable towels, these are 100% biodegradable and are the most sustainable towel solution available.

I wanted to create a comfortable and welcoming space for my clients, avoiding the norm of the busy and sometimes uncomfortable salon vibe, and where better than the Wellbeing Warehouse in Newmarket, a tranquil setting also offering Yoga, Pilates and much more.

I hope to see you there soon, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Lucy x



Organic | Natural | Styling

The Wellbeing Warehouse

147 All Saints Road



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